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bonefishing hawaii:

the bone report.


despite the somewhat sketch weather we’ve been having since last checking in, the bonefishing has still been quite good if you’re on the water on the right day.  my good buddy harold from oregon has been in town getting his winter bone on and doing quite well.  i have been out on the water with him, our other buddy harry, and nwff crew deano and e.t. a couple of times.  unfortunately, i’ve been sidelined again this month by another cold (more likely a resurgence of the old one, it's been a rough month for me) .  not an entirely bad thing as i have been able to catch some spectacular college football games.  still, it always sucks to be sick and not have the usual bounce.


in my absence, the guys have been pounding it out (as well as relentlessly barbecueing) and the fish have been around.  hi kai, hickam, and ke’ehi have all held good numbers of fish on some days.  the tougher days have been typical winter style cloudy days where it’s tough to get an eye on the fish before they are too close.  but with a little light the crew, harry and harold have managed some good numbers as well as some fall fatties in the mix.  e.t.’s been getting between three and six fish a day depending on the light and the other guys have also been doing well.  according to them the e.t. brown charlie has been the fly of choice.


the sun is getting lower and lower by the day so all you sight fishers be sure to adjust your angles accordingly and be aware of how the fish are showing up in the ever-wintering sky.  hope all the peeps stay well, wash your hands, and get out on the water.  the fish are there and as the nwff crew always says, you’ll never know unless you go.


harold’s persistence and ridiculous casting skills resulted in this football.


harold got this fall fattie to eat at hi kai.


the world through a fugu’s eye.  as always... good times.







bonefishing hawaii:

back in the saddle.


got out on the water for the first time in quite some time.  bryce tedford of beulah was in town so on wednesday the nwff crew (e.t., surfa boy craig, and greg “pops” honbo) gathered at ke’ehi to fish with bryce and try out a bunch of beulah rods as well as other rods that everyone brought.  also joining us was jay freis.  the tide was not the best pretty low for ke’ehi and the wind was "howlin’ like a shaolin".  but you'll never know unless you go, so we did.  e.t. and bryce got out of the boat first.  they had not gone more than a fifty feet from the boat and e.t. put bryce on a nice bone.  we all watched in anticipation as bryce casted to the fish picked up casted again.  took a few steps and casted again.  then bam he was on.  the boat erupted with cheers and screams as the fish blazed toward the edge.


“put pressure, put presure, go to the edge”, e.t. and i yelled among the cheers from everyone.


it was too late.  bryce couldn’t “jump” the fish and it got him on some deep coral or ke’ehi junk.


i walked around a little bit but didn’t  see much and got winded and out of breath quickly (remnants from being sick).  so i just went back to the boat to cast the multitude of rods that we had brought along. greg fished for a while and then joined me.  we casted the beulah bluewater 7/8 and 8/9beulah switch 6/7 and 7/8, beulah surf 7/8, the g. loomis cross current glx 8wt., the g. loomis roaring river switch rods 7 and <8wt. along with different lines that we had brought.  the rest of the guys fished different parts of the flat and would periodically come back to the boat,  cast some rods then go back out.  i gave jay a few pointers on casting when he came by.  greg casted a two handed switch rod for the first time and couldn't put it down.  before we knew it, it was four thirty in the afternoon.  the guys were all done fishing and heading back to the boat.  e.t. was e.t. and got a couple of fish and craig caught a nice fatty.  check out the day through jay's eyes on jay's blogthis dude has recently gone bone crazy and is an insane photographer.  he has a profo blog site... unlike others. 


the stars of day amongst the crew were definitely the beulah bluewater rods and the loomis roaring river switches.  those rods really impressed.  if you're in the market, i highly recommend taking a look at them.  thanks to bryce and garrett for letting us use those rods.  i’m sure my wallet will be much lighter very soon.


today i went out for an afternoon/evening session at hickam with my buddy earl, bryce, and bryce’s father gary.  gary< was here on business and was fortunate enough to be able to come out.  earl and bryce walked the inside chasing tails.  i was still a bit beat down from yesterday so i just kept my reef walking to a minimum.  gary joined me for some casual fishing.


gary is left handed which worked out great as we could fish side by side and talk as the planes flew overhead and the subs came in and out of the harbor.  the wind had died down significantly from the day before.  as a bonus, i hooked a rat and quickly handed the rod to gary.  the battle was on.  it was gary’s first bonefish so, needless to say, he was quite thrilled.  after that, while gary was asking me questions about what the take was like, his rod doubled over.  this battle was brief though as the fish popped the tippet at the beginning of the run, a pretty common occurrence on the first meeting between fly fisher and bonefish.  gary got one more quick bite from a barracuda that left his tippet bare and we watched the sunset over the horizon. 


just another beautiful day ended on the water with some great guys.  as we walked back to the shore in the twilights last gleaming, i couldn’t help thinking of paul newman’s last line in the movie the color of money... i’m back!


nothing like the first... just ask gary.  good times.







flats fly fishing hawaii:

clay rejoins the human race... and the bonefishing is fantastic.


apologies all around to the good peeps who read my rag.  as those who tried to call recently probably know by now, i’ve been extremely ill.   i got some kind of infection in my chest.  being that my post leukemia immune system is not all that reliable or predictable, anytime i get sick it can become quite an ordeal.  i’m slowly recovering and may be able to get back on the water next week.  i had to cancel a trip i had planned for a year to fish the trinity and lower sac... that’s life i guess.  you just gotta play the hand you’re dealt.


in the mean time the nwff crew has been out pounding as usual and the reports have been very good especially for fall.  the ridiculous summer bite is slowing down but it’s slowing down to one of the best fall seasons in years.  the numbers of big fish being caught are down from past years but the numbers of fish reported are up.  flies such as e.t.’s brown charlie, the reef special, and the orange jiggy bone bug have been flying out of the boxes at the shop.


so here’s a montage of some of the fish that have been coming up since i last checked in.  thanks to the nwff crew for all the pics... i’ll be back out with you guys soon enough.  until then enjoy the bite!


deano checks in with another hickam golden on the bamboo spey.


brother daryl manages to get in on the fall bite.


craig sent this photo of michael orr’s six fish day at hi kai... way to go mike.  photo by jay freis.


nervouswater guide e.t. has been slaughterhousing fish with and without clients.  these photos are from his nine fish day at ke’ehi... can we just crown him the best at sightfishing bonefish in hawaii.  he's got my vote and i'm sure the votes of everyone that has had the fortune to fish with him.


greg “pops” honbu might have something to say about that.  he went out for the first time in months and conked six himself.


the bite is still very much on so get out there and get bit!  good times.



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