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fly fishing hawaii and beyond:

tuna, salmon, trout, and bones.


nwff crew jay called me last night to let me know he was fishing today.  i called him back this morning and asked, “what time you going go?”


“i leaving my house now.”


with that i told him that i was coming, hung up the phone and scrambled to get my shtuff together.  i grabbed the closest rod and reel, which happened to be a loomis 8wt. roaring river switch and a pate bonefish, and headed out the door.  i  knew full well that i probably forgot something of great importance.  upon reaching the water i realized what i had forgotten, my simms sun clava.  because of my somewhat misguided immune system that i now live with, i cannot just rambo in the sun e.t. style like i used to growing up in hawaii.  so the sun clava has become like underwear to me (even more so than underwear is).  fortunately for our super hero, i was wearing the simms solarflex hoody with built in sun clava.  although not as comfortable, the hoody worked fine for shielding the sun.  the alternative for me would have been to apply sunscreen on every other cast... not fun.


the day out in ke’ehi was clear and the winds were light from the south east.  i probably should have brought a single hand rod and sight fished but i had what i had.  as i waded out to a “bombable” spot i ran into a happy family of little squids.  i played with the little guys a bit and took some pictures.


jay walked the flat while i blind cast the edge.  jay caught a couple of good bones though he said he didn’t see that many.  i also caught a couple of rats on the orange bombing pepper.  par for the course these days.  being in the ocean felt great and seeing the squidies was cool too... just another day in the life.


a couple of other nwff crew dudes checked in.  greg “pops” honbo took a day off from the switch rod pounding he has been doing recently and got a fifty pound shibi (yellowfin tuna) just in time for christmas... thanks for the sash greg.  he hooked it on a spinner jigging the buoy outside of kaneohe.  i heard the fish took over an hour to land and he got spooled twice during the fight.  i wish i was there to witness that battle of epic proportions.


brother jose also checked in from alaska.  he said the weather “warmed up” to thirty degrees and he got on the water for potentially the last fishing of the season.  if that’s not a case for lucky we live hawaii, i don’t know what is.


pops, the mister, the shibi, and the resulting “sash”.



salmon and trout ak style.



squidies chillin’ on the flat.



what can i say... always good times.







bonefishing hawaii:

winter is here.


went out today to kahala with the nwff crew e.t. and surfa boy craig.  we decided on kahala because... well why not?  we got out around ten or eleven.  the wind was blowing pretty good out of the east and it was cold (well “hawaii kine” cold).  we got dumped on a couple of times by passing showers but there was also some sun.  for the first time this year, i felt like it was winter bonefishing in hawaii.


i fished the loomis roaring river switch 8wt..  there wasn’t much in the way of spotting fish. although we did get some good light, we didn’t see a fish.  so i turned up the tunes on my mp3 player and let the bombing begin.  there were a bunch of divers out looking for tako which i don’t think have really come in yet and a couple of other fly guys out.  it was good to see so many people having fun and getting after it despite the sketch weather.


well by the time the whistle blew (which was much later than any of us really wanted to stay out but we did because no one wanted to flinch first) we all got fish.  craig got one on the orange jiggy bone bug that ate while he was falling backward from a wave and e.t. found a couple using his (if there is a fish on this flat i will find it technique) and an orange dubbed charlie.  i more or less stayed in one place the entire time practicing my spey casts and grooving to old skool alternative rock tunes.  i got a visit from my buddy the trumpet which has been a bit rarer than usual this year and managed to get a bonefish to boot.


that’s about it, if i don’t blog again... hope all the peeps out there have a chillaxing holiday season, peace on earth, merry christmas to all and to all a good bite.


doot doo doo doo!  introducing mister trumpet.



winter fly fishing in hawaii... good times.







fly fishing hawaii:

the fall goes on.


been having some great weather lately but some really spotty fishing.  reports from around the island have been the same.  some fish around but it varies by the day.  the bones appear to have sparsed out a bit since this past friday or saturday.  hopefully the return of the trades will stir things up a bit out on the water.  there’s still reports of some fall fatties around as well as rats.  so pick a day and get out there, you just may get lucky and get a biggy.  flies that have been working (for me at least) have been the jiggy bone bug in brown and orange, although i don’t think the fly makes much of a difference.  the difference now is just getting on the fish and you can’t get on them if you’re not out on the water getting it on.


photos by jay freis

jay freis got into a couple of yellow spots out at hawaii kai.


guide terry “duff” duffield checked in with a couple of fall fatties.


me and my pal doing our thang best we know how... good times.







bonefishing hawaii:

...let the games begin.


first of all for those not in the know.  the above pic is of a hawaiian style lizardfish or 'ulae.  when i was young we used to call it donko. i'm not exactly sure why it may be japanese or something.  the “lizard” as i lovingly refer to them now are pretty prolific throughout the islands.  due to it’s absolute reckless abandon, it is probably the first fish that most beginning fly guys catch around here.  although not much of a fighter, i find it’s no fear, gungho, balls to the wall, go for broke attitude, intriguing and strangely admirable.  this guy came flying from over five feet away and cracked my fly just as i dropped the fly at my feet to test its sink rate.  i also had a couple more come flying out of the water while attempting to hit the fly but missing.


anyway,  this was greg “pops” first day off of his vacation so nwff crew e.t., jay, and greg, and loomis rep garett and i hopped on the “yellow bus” and headed out to fish ke’ehi.  the winds were light mostly coming out of the south east.  it was a great day for sight fishing and the guys did so with good success.


i had made other plans, though, and a little bit (or a lot of sun for that matter) wasn’t going to change that.  i wanted to dial in the 8 wt. g. loomis roaring river switch rod that garett had let me use.  i used two lines on the rod both airflo scandi compacts in 480 and 510 grains.  <they both worked okay for me.  i liked the 480 a little better but i didn’t feel that either was “magic” for me so the quest goes on for that rod (suggestions are very welcome).  “pops” joined me with his 8wt. deer creek switch.  i was very impressed by the progress that greg had made casting the switch rod.  it’s amazing what some daily casting practice and a couple of dvd’s can do.  we are both still very novice with two hands but are enjoying every minute of the journey, the ultimate goal being to fish a fly where no one in hawaii has figured out yet.  in the mean time the flats are easy places to try things out and hone our casts so we can start pounding the more “technically challenging” places that we have in mind.


so it turned out to be one of those good days, which, in retrospect, is always the case when the crew gets out together whether there's fish or not.  today the fish were around and the crew stuck thirteen bones in total as well as some other bonus critters. pops found his first tako (octopus) and got his first inking of the season.  some trumpets and cudas were also in the mix as well as the ravaging lizards.


i managed to test the loomis switch on a few bones myself including one fall fatty and the rod came through fabulously.  it laid the wood to the fish just like i like rods to do in corally situations.  and the fatty never got into my backing much to the disbelief of jay.  i think he has never seen me fight a fish because he’s always so far away from me when we fish (he’ll say it’s because i don’t catch any fish).


in other news sean solo missioned on monday and conked a couple of rats himself despite the less than favorable weather.  greg is off until christmas so...let the games begin!


sean’s monday rat fix.


the loomis 8wt roaring river switch looks like it will prove to be a valuable tool in the hawaii fly guy arsenal.


there are still a higher than normal amount of “summer rats” running around for this time of the year.


bone parts.  i just catch them, i never claimed to be able to photograph them.


fall fatty mc fat fats... it’s cool when they start looking like carp.  thanks greg for getting wet to take the pics.  good times.







fly fishing hawaii and beyond:



so here’s a brief run down of what all is what.  e.t. is still out doing his thang as well as some of the other nwff crew.  still bones around but getting spotty.  the tides, sun, spots, and wind aren’t as big factors to success these days as much as just being out when the fish are there.  everyday is different now.  the reported numbers of fish caught vary greatly by the day.  just gotta pick a spot and go.  if the fish are there enjoy it, if not, just keep working to try to get that one or two to make the day.  bombing is becoming more of the norm as the light, and the fish, get trickier and scarcer.  i haven’t been out there in the fracas yet opting out in favor of watching the end of the college football season.  now that the rose bowl is secure (go ducks).  i’ll be seeing you guys out on the water soon.


photo by deano.

nohu... watch those spines. 


photo by jay freis.

ryan from washington d.c. and nwff guide e.t. worked hard, but were rewarded in the end. 


brother jose of the nwff crew checks in from alaska.  we think the winters are tough here.  jose says “if the water flows, i will be there to fish”.


photo by jay freis.

i’ll end with this pic to warm the freezing peeps out there.  surfa boy craig bombing the twilight at hickam... good times.







fly fishing hawaii:

two handed session with “pops”.


not much to report.  greg “pops” of the nwff crew just got a tfo deer creek 8wt. switch rod and wanted to get it dialed in.  so i grabbed a bunch of lines and a couple of rods and headed for his pad.


<when we popped the rod out of the box at the shop.  it looked and felt really nice and proved to be on the water as well.  we threw some different heads on it and greg ended up happy with the airflo scandi compact 540gr. with the airflo extreme running line.  both the 510gr. and 540gr. scandi compacts worked great.  the airflo extreme running line was nice.  the only minor problem with that running line is that the ones we got did not have an oversized loop on one end as the ridge running line that i have does.  i rectified this situation by making a loop out of some old fly line and looping that to the end then using that loop to connect the different heads.


a real chillaxing afternoon with greg, eugene, and didi, and a great way to start december ‘09.  look out fish... pops is ready to pound.


”rookie of the year” eug pays some dues the hard way.  throw the fly in the mangrove... you’re gonna get wet.  actually i threw it in the mangrove once too trying stupid things, but greg was nice enough to go get it for me.  eug, your reign as rookie of the year is almost coming to an end.



greg launching to the sun with the deer creek.


the view toward kahaluu.


shout out to scott and the east coast peeps in n.y. getting their last striper cracks in before old man winter descends.  we’ll try to keep you guys warm and stoked with hawaiian style winter pics... stay tuned and as always good times.



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