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fly fishing hawaii:

the week long bender.


as is the case with any addiction, the addict often goes on binges for days, weeks, sometimes months.  the addiction to fly fishing, fly fishing junk, and water is apparently no different and since the last blog, iíve been on somewhat of a bender myself.  despite inclement weather, poor tides, and a tsunami, i found myself out on the water just about everyday.  i usually go out a couple of times a week to get blog pictures or try out some new gear, fly , or other crackpot idea.  this week was different.  i hardly took any pictures and wasnít out with any purpose that i can think of except just to be in the water.  i was tired, the weather and tides were lousy, but i found myself going day after day even though i was miserable on several of those days and spent an inordinate amount of the time just standing around out there not even fishing.  the only reason i can come up with as to why i was even out there so much is that the call of the water was too great and overcame my normal semi-rational thinking, causing me to forget about everything and just head out like a zombie to be in the water.  of course hanging out with other addicts doesn't help.  i fished hi kai, k bay, kahala (on the day of the tsunami), and even the lake and i fished like i had just been brain washed.  thinking back now i canít even remember exactly what happened and when.  i know i caught a bunch of fish and used a bunch of different gear and it all culminated in a ridiculous bass busting evening bite on the lake with doug and kirk (of which for some reason i didnít take any photos of).  the whole week now seems like a dream to me, iím not even sure it really happened.  maybe fishing is becoming too much like work for me and iíve been suppressing the primal urges that made me start fishing in the first place and i needed to go back to the core of it all and just fish to fish for a while.  whatever it was, i do feel good now and all i can say about this past week is sometimes (i guess) like that.  if you don't have a clue what i'm talking about don't worry about it, you're probably in the majority, but if you understand this blog then... well...  then you know.


sean and the bay boyz had a decent day out at kbay on monday.


the day i was on the bay was a bit "rougher". cold pounding rain.  a popped pap.


i caught a bunch of micros throughout the week long bender.  i think this one was at kbay or maybe it was hi kai.  i don't really remember.


also some other critters... weke (goatfish) like this are tons of fun on the sage tcx 1196-4.


dougie with a nice rat, hi kai,i think.


then on the tsunami day i found myself out at kahala after the warning was downgraded to an advisory.  the tide was surging and receding every five minutes or so between about a zero tide and a foot and a half tide all that day and the day after as well.  there were some fish around probably just riding it out like the rest of us.


somewhere in the midst of this past week i apparently fished a sage 8124 z axis spey rod and a hardy angel reel.  be careful!  the high that water brings can sometimes be overwhelming.  fish in moderation... good times. 







bonefishing hawaii:

how many ducks does it take...


just a quick update on another week gone by.  a couple of mikes checked in from around the island.  nankos mike and mike orr both had successful days on the water at assorted locales.  i spent my day in between fronts out at hickam with doug and josh.  josh is a fellow duck and was actually at the o around the same time that i was there.  he was out charging the slopes while i was flogging the rivers and hanging at the pool hall in the emu (and of course getting a higher education). 


anyway, josh is new to the whole fly fishing in hawaii scene so the three of us went out the other day to see if the bites still on at hickam.  for whatever reason, hickam happens to be one of the more consistent (and not surprisingly more crowded) areas around the island this winter.  lots of rats running around there as well as a few trucks.  the light that day was okay but a little bit tricky.  we did our best to show josh what fish looked like and he did see a few of them as well as some tails.  we managed to hook some fish and josh got to feel first hand just what all the hype is about.  <hopefully it was enough to get him to join us in enjoying the quest out on the water.  the guy has been out a number of times, like so many others, fighting for us all to be able to do whatever we do.  i hope, on this day at least, doug and i were able to give just a little bit back.



nankos mike and a k bay bone.


michael orr at hi kai.


the thunder stealing cowboy vest man with the first fish of the day.


two ducks and a little hickam rat.


a little bigger rat... and yes josh is alot bigger than me.


so how many ducks does it take to catch a bonefish?  apparently the answer is two... oh yeah and a cardinal.  good times.





bonefishing hawaii:

the double double... you never know unless you go.


since the last blog sean checked in with the bay report and iíve been out a couple of times and faced two very different days out at hi kai.  the weather here still seems to be extremely shifty and itís hard to say with any certainty what the weather or fishing will be like on any given day.  the past couple of days the rain has been looking like it wonít be bothering us for a while.  the winds however are still very indecisive, which may not mean much to many but it sure means alot to me... and the bones for that matter.


the first day out i fished in dark ominous clouds to the sounds of loud booming thunder over the koíolaus and an almost unbelievable lightning show.  probably not the best time to be out waving a switch rod, but the storm stayed over the mountains due to the moderate south east winds and i did not feel electricity in the air.  iíve been out when you can hear your rod humming from the electricity in the air... a good sign that itís time to keep your rod low and get the hail out of there.


the very next day the storm had passed and it was a perfect weather day.  e.t. some how got me to drive out during the worst part of the tide.  i wasnít against fishing that tide, iíll fish any tide, but it happened to be early in the morning (well not that early but too early for me).  after all isnít the whole point of becoming a good fisherman so you donít have to go early in the morning?  normally,  i would just tell e.t. ďgood luckĒ and not go. i went anyway just to hang out with e.t. and doug.  i told e.t. to bring a spear and i would switch off with him if we found fish, which i didnít have very much hope of doing.  we walked around a bit and to no ones surprise... crickets.  e.t. found a tako (octopus) hole and verified the takoís existence in the hole with his rod tip (professional fly fishing guide.  do not attempt).  we got that guy and figured that would be the highlight of the day.  i began looking for another hole when i heard e.t. in the distance,Ēoh... oh...ohĒ.


i looked up and saw e.t.ís rod in that familiar doubled over position, line peeling off of his reel.  i walked over to him and as we were cracking jokes and laughing, we heard doug yell out.


"letís go home!Ē


letís go home is the cry that doug and i yell whenever we hook a fish.  the saying developed from the times that doug and i have gone out not because i wanted to fish for bonefish but more just to catch fish for the ďstupid blogĒ.  anyway, doug was hooked up too.  doubles do happen here but ask anyone whose been doing this for a while, they donít happen that often.  we landed those two fish took pictures and released them.  then e.t. handed me his rod and told me it was my turn.  i started fishing and saw doug hook another fish... well.  soon after that i hooked one and it came off.  a little while later i hooked another one and as i began fighting the fish i heard in the distance,


Ēletís go home!Ē<


what do you know, a double double.  in just a couple of hours the three of us, two rods, and a spear managed to hook eight bonefish and got a three pound tako to boot.  we cut the day short because... well because Ďnuff already.  as we waded back to shore doug commented that he didnít think the fishing was going to be that good.  i just laughed and said, ďyou didnít think it was going to be good... i never even bring one rod!Ē




sean checked in with a couple of bones from the bay.


sean's rig:

rod: sage 790-4 Xi3

reel: tibor everglades

backing: power pro hollow ace

line: scientific anglers redfish line 7wt.

leader: scientific anglers bonefish 16lb.

fly: grizzly variant fuzzy hand




in the midst of a raging thunder storm, i put a few more notches in the "death switch".


don't mess with the tako son... you'll get the ink.


doug and e.t. with the first double of the day.


"don't worry son.  i think these are those fly guys.  they'll let us go... i hope."


doug's rig:

rod: g loomis gl3 8wt.

reel: galvan r-8

backing: 30lb. dacron with a double bimini loop looped to fly line.

fly line: airflo ridge bonefish/redfish 8wt.

leader: hand tied (approximately) 5ft. .024 fluorocarbon with a perfection loop looped to the fly line, 3ft .020 fluorocarbon joined with a triple surgeons knot. 2ft. .016 fluorocarbon tippet joined with a triple surgeons knot.

fly: orange and tan charlie tied on with a non slip mono loop.



e.t's (and clay's for the day) rig:

spear: three pronged 6ft. fiberglass

rod: st. croix legend ultra 8wt.

reel: tibor everglades

backing: 30lb. dacron with a standard clinch knot tied to a loop in the fly line.

fly line: scientific anglers textured saltwater 8wt.

leader: hand tied (approximately) 6ft. .024 fluorocarbon with a perfection loop looped to the fly line, 6ft .020 fluorocarbon joined with a triple surgeons knot. 6ft. .016 fluorocarbon tippet joined with a triple surgeons knot.  the guy likes his leaders long.

fly: a no name fly that kevin used to tie with estaz, sili legs and a bucktail wing.





then doug and i doubled up.  what do you know... a double double.


"i can't believe we both fell for that... i knew we should have eaten somewhere else."


bones in hawaii do what they do when they want to and there's really only one way to know just what those crazy creatures are up to.  you gotta get out there and find out... good times.



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