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fly fishing hawaii:

the nrx and josh's first time.


well things have settled down a bit since the last fishorama i blogged about.  i did a little sight fishing out at k bay.  the light that day was really good so i couldn't pass it up.  apparently there were fish around as reported by e.t. and doug.  unfortunately they weren't where i was looking.  i did see a few (in between the masses of gigantor mullet) and made the best of those shots.  the set up i fished that day went a little something like this:


rod: g loomis glx classic 8wt.

reel: abel super seven

backing: power pro 65lb. white with a single bimini loop looped to the fly line.

fly line: scientific anglers mastery bonefish 8wt.

leader: hand tied with (approximately) 6ft. .022 mono with a perfection loop looped to the fly line, 3ft. .020 mono joined with a blood knot.  3ft. .015 fluorocarbon tippet joined with an albright knot.

fly: brown charlie tied on the tippet with a non-slip mono loop.




later in the week, i went out to the lake with greg “pops” and josh to see if we could get on the crazy evening bass bite i experienced the last time out.  josh is far from new to fishing around here, but this was the first time he’d ever fished the lake so i was really hoping that the lady of the lake would be kind to us (as many know she can be a very fickle woman).  well, fortunately, she turned out to be in quite a good mood and seemed especially smitten with josh (sorry colleen but there's another lady after your dude).  we all got good numbers of fish but josh had the "special juj" and caught a bunch of nice bass as well as some amazon quality peacocks.


i gave the 5wt. g loomis nrx it’s second run on the lake.  the nrx is another one of those rods i really like.  what i call “fast with feel” rods.  simply put, this rod can flat out conk a line.  maybe not my idea of the ultimate dry fly or nymphing trout stick, but perfect for the kind of fishing we do up in wahiawa.  it can drop a bead head on a devils nostrils as well as stuff a weighted streamer into the thickest of peacock hang outs. i can’t wait to let this rod loose on some busting peacocks.  this rod loves to go long and i think those tucs that often like to bust “over there” will be in for a big surprise.  well we didn't get the evening bust that we were looking for but a super fun day on the water with a couple of great guys... i think josh will be back for more.


clay’s lake rig

rod: g loomis nrx 5wt.

reel: abel creek 2

backing: 50lb. power pro white (not that it matters for the lake)

line:  rio aqualux 5wt.

leader:  hand tied 24” .021 mono, 16” .019 mono, 14” .017 mono, 18” .013 mono, 18” .010 mono joined with blood knots.

fly: grand slam and grey/white peacock clouser.





pics from the week.


deano and his two handed omilu (bluefin trevally).


it didn't take josh long to get the day going.  he caught this largemouth right across the boat ramp.


"pops" and one of his se"bass"tians.


the first of josh's beasts. 


the nrx and a klingon hump head.


eater in the woods.


another of josh's bassturds.  for some reason, lots of bass on the lake lately.


yet another peacock yoyed out of the woods.


josh and a monster peacock, the biggest i've seen in a while.


the nrx 5wt., my new lake slayer... peacocks beware.


that's all i have for now.  i got some pretty serious basketball watching to do for a while.  so until the next time... good times.




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