A few more photos from Hawaii...

Dean Shirota tagged our state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.

Chris Wright is stoked to catch this fish!

John Sherman of Simms and a 30lbs+ Molokai ulua.

ET and a fall fattie.

Dean Shirota and the latest victim of the Big Bamboo.

This bonefish fell for Clay's Pikachu fly.

Happy hour at the shop...I hope at least one of these guys buys something.

The Hawaiian ladyfish or awa'aua.

Mike from Nankos and "the big one."

ET and a nice moi or threadfin.

Clay caught this big bone on his 5wt.

Jon Tsukamoto hooked this nice pao pao (golden trevally) on Oahu's south shore.

Other papio (trevally) species include the omilu (bluefin),

Ulua (giant trevally),

Menpachi papio or bigeye trevally,


And yellowspot trevally.

John Sherman and his first big Hawaiian bonefish.

Sean and another nice one.

The colorful moano or manybar goatfish.

The common goatfish, or weke.

E.T. and a big south shore bone.

Kevin and a fat moi from back in the day.

Clay double-fisting Waikiki barracudas.

Sean's biggest bonefish so far.

An old skool pic of Chris Wright showing us his favorite fish.

Up close and personal.

Chris' dad Stan Wright points out his fish is bigger.

K and another beastly Hawaiian bone.

We've got crabs!

Squids too!

ET: the octopus whisperer.

Tailing bones are always fun to chase.

Stan caught this one on the windward side of Oahu.

The milkfish, locally called awa.

Clay proves that bones do bite at night.

A nice aku or skipjack tuna caught off Waikiki.

This fat bone just couldn't resist Dean-o's secret fly.

Another beautiful Hawaiian sunset.


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