A few photos from our recent trips to Christmas Island...


Everyday we leave camp early,

jump in the outrigger canoe,

and head out into the blue lagoon,

We take in the view of the lagoon while the tides rises,

and before long find some fish to cast at.

The famous Christmas Island bonefish.

You can catch several species of trevally.

Some are bigger than others.

You can also fish for exotics like triggerfish,

and emperors.

Heading out of the lagoon you follow the birds.

Which lead you to tuna,


rainbow runners,

giant trevally,

and even sailfish.

Sometimes you can get big tuna right outside the lagoon.

and wahoo longer than you are.

Bottom fishing for snappers and groupers is also very productive.

For those who like fresh seafood, reef clams

and giant mantis shrimp are not to be missed.

Fishing the reefs outside the lagoon is a whole other experience.

You can catch bones right off the beach,

see what's left of the famous Korean Wreck,

cast to trevally in the surf,

catch a few fish,

and have them for a shore lunch.

All too soon the day is over.

We have a scrumptious dinner,

take in a little local entertainment,

and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean.

Can't wait till our next trip!

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