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bonefishing hawaii:

this week.

so here we areÖ coming up on yet another summer season here on the island.  summer is usually a very good time of year to be chasing bones here.  the sun is high, the days are long, and everyday seems to be another perfect hawaiian trade wind day.

bones are around though at times they can be a bit skittish and non bitey.  perhaps it is the bright sunlight.  yes, too much sun can be a bad thing even when sight fishing bones as the  fish just do not feel as safe when there is bright sunlight.  remember the easier it is to see them, the easier it is for them to see you.  maybe we are starting to see more signs of the fishery transforming from an untapped fishery to becoming a good but hard fished fishery.  whatever the case may be there are still a lot of fish out there to be had.

i got out for an afternoon just to keep in touch with whatís what out on our waters.  i fished my g loomis glx classic 6wt. rod and abel classic reel.  that afternoon we encountered some really tough fish.  they didnít seem to be aggressively feeding and looked, to me, like they would inspect every presentation very carefully before, in most cases, deciding that the flies were not things worthy of putting in their mouths.  out of the countless shots and rejections, we did manage to get a few fish to eat.  oddly enough two of them were tagged fish.  it made me wonder if these tagged fish just had a greater propensity to be caught because they were, obviously, caught before.  things like that do tend to make me wonder.

thatís really about all i got for now. i guess the report for the week is that there are lots of bones out there right now but donít be surprised if they are a little trickier to hook.  just get out there and keep firing at them until you find the one with your name on it.  iíll see you on the water.

an excited sean checked In with this boney he got on monday.

doug was out doing his thing as well.

i am not quite ready to proclaim that it is summertime and the living is easy.  i can say for certain that it is pre-summertime and, for those willing to find it, it is full of good times.


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