Fishing with Brandon

My good friend Brandon was in town for a little r&r last week, so we decided to get out and see what was biting. First off Capt. Chris took Brandon, Mike from Nankos and me to Lake Wilson to see if the fish were in a busting mood. It turns out they were, and we quickly got into some action.

Mike and Chris with a busting peacock.

Brandon gets one too.

When the bite is on, even I can catch a fish!

Kicking bass and taking names.

We switched to targeting red devils after the busting action died down.

I even caught a fat bluegill before the day was done.

A few days later we went in search of bones and other saltwater critters.

I was able to trick one of the fussy Keehi lagoon mangrove fish into biting, but they weren't as kind to Brandon, so ET took him into some deeper water in the waves and coral.

It wasn't long before Brandon was hooked up.

A nice bluefin trevally got him on the board.

Soon our pal Todd's rod got bent too.

Happy bonefish time!

Every visit from Brandon ends with good fun, food, and more than a few beers. Thanks to Ed and Chris for helping make this week a memorable one! The next round of Nattys or Heinekens is on me! Chee!

On a different note, you may have heard that the godfather of fly fishing in Hawaii, Clay is moving away to pursue new opportunities in Washington. So that means from now on you're stuck with me. I'll do my best to update the site when I can and let you know what's going on down here, but my posts may not be as regular or as clever. Please bear with me as I'm now flying solo. And Clay might still jump in now and again to let us know what the steelhead bite is like up there. Mahalo for your support!

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