Dean-o's Nutria Fly



Hook: Mustad 7766, TMC 800S, or similar

Thread: fl. orange Danville flat waxed nylon

Body: custom nutria dubbing- nutria, craft fur, and ice wing fiber

Wing: nutria guard hairs


Step One:

Create custom dubbing mix using nutria underfur, orange craft fur, and ice wing fiber.

Mix materials together in hand until you are satisfied with dubbing mix.


Step Two:

Place size #4 Mustad 7766 hook in vise and lay down thread base to the bend of the hook with Danville’s orange flat wax thread.


Step Three:

Secure dumbbell eyes slightly in front of the hook point using figure 8 thread wraps and around the base.


Step Four:

Dub fly body and making sure to crisscross eyes to fill the area around dumbbell eyes. Note: An easy way dub flies is to split the thread using a bodkin, sandwich dubbing between split thread.


Then spin bobbin.


Step Five:

Trim section of nutria fur from skin.


Pull off underfur and set aside to use for dubbing.


Step Six:

Tie in nutria guard hair butt ends towards the hook point. Adjust fibers to make sure they are straight.

Bend tips of fiber back and secure.


Step Seven:

Whip finish fly and complete with head cement and the fly is ready to fish.

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