October Treats


As the calendar rolls us towards Halloween, it's time to look back on some of the recent fall catches around the island. October is a transitional month here, sometimes very good to us, sometimes a little slow. Aside from a near miss by hurricane Ana, the weather has been quite good to us this month so the fishing was equally productive.


But before we get to the fishing, people have been asking me what's going on with Clay. Here's our old pal still slaving away at the Nor-Vise to fill the shop bins with all your favorites.

Doesn't he look chipper? I love the ladies' glasses there, Costanza.


Much happier Ken and Glenn checked in with a couple more of the bones they got on their latest visit.


Our pal Dean-o tried for the elusive Hawaiian flats slam (bonefish, trevally, and barracuda). He got the first part done easy.

The second and typically hardest part fell prey to a gurgler.

The final act of the triple proved more challenging, and while he claims to have hooked some barracudas in the shallows, he failed to get one to hand. Oh well. This needlefish is a nice consolation prize.


Our friend Nao Toyama from Japan spent the past weekend fishing with ET. He hooked up several times on the bones.

A nice way to start the day.

This one's a bit bigger.

He also caught a shiny white papio on the flat.

And before heading in ET swung the boat offshore to see if any small tuna were around. Sure enough Nao caught some nice little kawakawa (bonita).


Back in Kaneohe, I went fishing for papios with Kirk and Gregg. Kirk made the most of the recent trevally bloom by taking his 4wt out to the reef edge. The action was hot all afternoon.

Very aggressive little guys. Can't wait til you get bigger!

I managed to catch a white papio, one of the better ones I've caught on the fly on Oahu.

Finally, before darkness completely took over, Gregg hooked up to a nice ladyfish.

It's Gregg's first lady, and the first fish he's caught on his Sage bass rod. Awesome!

Well, that's about it for this time. Don't eat too much Halloween candy, and we'll see what November has in store for us. Aloha

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