Summer Fun

So summer is officially here again and with that the usual consistent warm sunny weather that makes fish hungry and fishermen happy. My friends and I have been fortunate to experience some great fishing this month for both bonefish and trevally.

Fishing for papio has been quite productive for me and my friends using streamers, poppers, and crease flies.

Hereís my happy little omilu taken on the Sage Smallmouth Bass rod.

Dean-o gives us the shaka.

The tug of war resulted in a nice a baby GT.

Kirk with a fatty.

Another decent whitey.

Double down! This time with a baby GT and a hybrid GT-bluefin. I know itís weird, but I guess sometimes trevally get the jungle fever too.

Bonefish have also been around doing their summertime chow down on the flats. The big summer tide swings make for rapidly changing conditions on the flats, but it also gets the fishís appetite going.

You know fishing is good when even this guy gets bit. (Sorry Drew I couldnít resist.)

Gregg hooks up too. Someone buy that man a selfie stick.

Thatís not the way to take a proper hero shot.

ET shows us how to properly hold out the fish for the camera. If you hold it out far enough, it'll become one of those monster bones I keep hearing about.

Tell your friends I was nice enough to let you go despite the requests for fishcake.

And to top it off, I caught another Samoan crab on the flat. If you see one of these guys, please be very, very careful messing with it. Those claws are no joke. The Dean-o is a trained animal handler, and from Big Island, so heís more worried about what pot to fit the crab into than getting pinched. Hope the kickoff to summer is bringing you great fishing and good eats too. Aloha

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