Fourth of July Weekend

As we roll into full blown summertime weather, the fishing keeps rolling on as well. I've been hearing a lot of positive fishing reports from customers and I've had some decent luck out on the flats as well.

I started my weekend a little early as my usual day off is Thursday. Fishing in the bay was hot, not as in tons of fish attacking the fly, but rather as blazing hot sunshine and light winds. While this is ideal sighting and casting conditions, it often makes the already skittish bonefish extra paranoid.

I still managed to find a decent fish willing to eat. Extra long leaders and smaller flies often help when dealing with psycho fish.

The afternoon papio bite was a little slow (possibly due to all the hot water on the flats), but this little guy went for the crease fly. I failed (again) to complete my Hawaiian slam. Thinking about it too much ahead of time might have something to do with my continued failure.

The full moon rising over the bay was a cool sight at the end of a long hot day.

On Friday while everyone else was out partying I worked in the shop. But I did get to read Clay's new report on tying bonefish flies and even tied a few of my own. If you tie flies, and even if you don't it's worth checking out.

Saturday marked America's birthday, and Ala Moana shopping center puts on a huge fireworks show. Way too crowded for my taste, but Gregg shared these awesome shots with us.

Sunday was a free day for ET, Andrew, Jesse, and myself. It's a rare occasion that the whole crew can fish together.

I caught a bone on my first cast. This is never a good sign in my book. It pretty much guarantees tough fishing for the rest of the day. So don't expect any epic GT pictures this time.

Capt. Jesse put the moves on this quality fish. He's a big proponent of light tippet and black hooks for picky fish.

It's time to move spots. The yellow bus might not be as fast, but it always gets us to the fish.

Out in the coral ET licks this fatty bone.

It's a great day when Andrew hooks up and everybody catches a fish. If this keeps up I might have to stop talking trash about his fly fishing skills. But not just yet.

It's not every weekend that I get to hook up with quality fish and good friends. This was one of the best in a long time. I hope your holiday weekend was a blast too! Aloha

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