Fiberglass Fun

I had been hearing about a buzz raging on many of the fly fishing sites regarding the anticipated release of Echo’s new line of fiberglass spey and switch rods. Prior to its release, Craig and I discussed the potential of the fiberglass switch rods and we both came up with the same conclusion that they would be a blast for our local waters. The most pressing question was what rod to get. I decided to get the FG-6110 (6wt 11ft) and Craig decided on the FG-4108 (4wt 10ft 8in). According to the Echo site, the FG-6110 is designated as a light steelhead rod that I thought would be a perfect bonefish switch rod. The FG-4108 is designated as a trout switch that would be perfect to target small papio. As soon as I heard the rods were available I ran over to NWFF to put my rod on order. Craig ended up ordering his a little later after seeing my rod.

We took our rods out on several outings and as we expected, the rods did not let us down. I really liked the rods look since it looked similar to many of the bamboo rods I own with its golden brown blank with olive thread wraps.

After casting the rods we found both to be rods light in hand, deep loading (typical of fiberglass rods), super easy to cast, and most of all the cost did not put huge holes in our bank accounts.

Later when I met up with Jon I found out that he also got the same rod that I ordered. I think great minds think alike.

Jon has a Beulah Classic 7/8wt switch rod that he usually fish with he wanted to try something new. After seeing him cast the new rod, I think the fiberglass will be his go to rod.

I have caught many kinds of fish with the rod, be it small papios,

big papio,


and bones,

and I found they all put a nice bend on the rod.   

Although I thought Craig’s rod would be good for smaller papio it’s still stout enough to handle bones.

If you are looking for a fun rod that won’t break the bank, perhaps the Echo fiberglass is the one to check out.


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