Babies and Bonefish

So I guess Iím entering that time in my life where Iím supposed to settle down and take care of the truly important things in life. My friend Brandon had a kid this year, and recently so did Dean-o. While I am quite confident I am completely immune to all the responsible parenting going on around me, itís interesting to see it happening.

Anyway, Brandon brought baby Tristan home to visit his grandparents last week, but that also means itís time for the all important fishing and beer drinking to happen as well. Iíve been telling Brandon about all the stupid good fishing weíve been having lately, and I was hopeful that as long as we didnít get hit with any tropical storms it would continue throughout the summer.

Brandonís first day on the flats resulted in a couple of hook ups, but no fish to hand. I told him to blame it on the guy who tied the flies and the fly shop that sold the pointless hooks.

I managed to hook small fish, but it wasnít an easy day for anyone. The clouds were in full effect.

The next day on the water was much better. The water was off color due to recent runoff, but there were fish around and they were hungry.

I started things off with this little guy and as the morning went on the fishing just got better and better.

Hooked up! Thatís what we like to see, and no rubber hook this time.

A solid first bone of the trip.

Another quality fish, but look at how green the water is. Do they bite better when the water is filthy? Possibly.

I tried for the double as Brandon was fighting this fish, but a mini barracuda stole my fly. Oh well, Brandonís third fish to hand made for a nice picture anyway. We also saw a GT prowling the edge of this flat, maybe hunting these bonefish. Alas, we were only armed with 6 and 7wts and small flies.

And hereís papa showing Tristan how to properly finish off a bottle. It was a fun quick visit, and hopefully someday soon weíll get Tristan into the water in search of his first fish. Hope youíre getting out there and enjoying the hot end of summer fishing too. Aloha

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