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the return of the blog.


just when you thought it was safe to go online again.  the blog reappears.  havenít checked in for a while mostly because i havenít been fishing much in the last two weeks or so.  between a fly tying demo, a bout with some kind of gastro intestinal creature (gross)  and preparing for my annual trek to oregon, iíve only been out for a couple relatively uneventful hours since the last blog.  so really not much to report.  the good news is that the word on the street is that the  bonefishing has been really good around here.  a number of guys i know and a few i donít know yet are getting into some fall fatties (check out the customer pics page).  i can vouch first hand for the weather... pretty sweet.  lately, however, all of my thoughts have been toward fall steel and getting a ton of two handed gear over the pacific safely and, preferably, before i get there.


i guess what they say is true, the grass is always greener on the other side.  i find myself as excited, if not more, than many of the people i meet rolling into the shop from elsewhere in search of our local bonefish.  hopefully, iíll be able to blog from the o.  if all goes as planned, iíll be sleeping in cars by night and swinging some sweet runs in the day.  i may be able to get some fishing in around here this week before i leave, but as that famous eagles song goes...Ēiím already gone.Ē



... and then you'll have to eat your lunch all by yourself.




some shots from the tying demo at the ocean festival.  thanks to all who checked us out.


the flying gurnard... if you are going to catch these, it's a good idea to bring someone along to get your fly back (in this case e.t.).  i'll do dangerous or gross, but i don't do alien.



i'll end this blog with lost brian (now battleship brian) and his three cast golden that he got last week fishing with sean.  brian is one of the coolest "local boy" fly guys you'll ever meet around here.  it was great to hear that he got one of our rarer fly catches.  way to go bro.... as always, good times.






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