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bonefishing hawaii:

back to the boneyard.


so apparently whilst daddy was away, the boneys around here have been on the bite pretty good if youíre willing to do what it takes to get them.  reports are that although the sight fishing has been on par or maybe just a tad tougher for this time of the year, blindcasting has been producing quite a number of fish (even for blindcasting).


despite the mountain of work iíve accumulated for myself while on my little steelhead adventure, i couldnít pass up the opportunity to get back into the salt when the boyz came a calling.  besides, my buddy jarod from alaska had been here for a few weeks while i was in oregon and saturday was my last chance to see him... thatís my story anyway and iím sticking to it.


my two handers hadnít arrived from oregon yet and i really wanted to get out and practice some of my newly learned skagit casting skills so i grabbed the only two hander i had (a g loomis roaring river 8wt. switch) a couple of rio skagit flight heads (the 525 and 550 grain).  i made my own mow tip of sorts by cutting a ten foot section of intermediate line for a tip and headed out to hi kai with craig.


when we got to the water and began rigging up we realized that neither of us had brought any tippet.  we dug around craigís car but, amazingly, came up empty.  craig had the leader on his reel from the last time he was out but i had nothing.  we could see guys out on the water and we knew some of the boyz were out there we just couldnít tell which guys were them.  i decided that i would just walk up to the closest guy and try and bum my way into some tippet.  i approached the first guy out there and it fortunately turned out to be my buddy nao from japan.  we just chatted for quite a while and he hooked me up with some much needed tippet.


i ended up using the 550 skagit flight (although i think that the rio skagit short may be better... i didn't have any) and had a pretty good casting day, about 80 percent decent to good casts and about 20 percent complete wrecks.  the important thing was that it was better than the last time and a huge improvement over my skagit casting prior to my trip (thanks skagitmasters!).


anyway it turned out to be a great day.  the guys out there doug, jarod, nao, and craigy all got fish.  there was plenty of sun to sight fish which some of the guys did.  i managed to get some bones with double speys, circle casts, and perry pokes modified to the standing water salt conditions.  what else can i say here, it really just doesnít get any better than that.


deano checked in with this glorious hickam sunset.



and a couple of bones he got with his new spey company river switch reel.  sorry tim, i'm still not able to subject your beautiful works of art to the harsh salt environment, but apparently they handle it quite well.


jrod brought a switch rod for the first time on his trip to hawaii last year and has never looked back.


he and his ak crew conked a bunch of bones with two handers on this years trip.


craigy got this awesome underwater shot of one of his fish.


the "noon" (nunu or cornet fish).  i always like to see this guy make an appearance.  if it wasn't for this fish no one would be fly fishing in hawaii today, but that's a story for another day.


whether single hand or double hand, sight fishing or blind casting, there's nothing like catching fish with what you want, the way you want to do it.  if you do that, it's guaranteed good times.



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