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the bvk.


so tfo (temple fork outfitters) has apparently thrown their hat into the ultra high performance rod market with the release of the bvk (which apparently stands for bernard victor kreh). the folks at tfo just forgot to put an ultra high performance price on it.  the bvk retails for two hundred twenty five to two hundred fifty bucks and are available in 3 to 10wt.  these rods are quite possibly leftyís piece de resistance.


the bvks are a dark olive with rec recoil stripping guides.  i am a big fan of these guides.  the rods feature a nice carbon fiber reel seat, also something that i am a big fan of.  these two features in addition to ultra light chromium-impregnated stainless steel snake guides and some secret ďnewĒ materials make the bvk extremely light.  the rod build is scarily similar to the custom original glx rods that i had my buddy dean build for me.  those glxs are my favorite rods of all time.


sean had told me that he lined one up and was impressed by how easily the bvk cast.  so i took a break from the two handed madness iíve been caught up in lately and fished the 7wt. bvk for the past two days.  the first day i lined it up with a 7wt. rio outbound short.  my first impression was simply... wow.  iím always yapping about ďfast with feelĒ and the bvk is exactly that.  the rod has none of what i call "clunkyness" that is found in all lower priced rods as well as some midpriced rods.  the action was crisp and the over all feel was excellent.  it's one of those rods that you find yourself stripping in too fast just so you can cast it again.  laser tight loops were formed with the greatest of ease and i was conking extremely long casts with one false cast.  i caught a few bones with it that day and it handled like a champ.  then yesterday i lined it up with a 7wt. scientific anglers mastery bonefiish line and took it out for a little sight fishing... it performed flawlessly.  deadly accurate close in and just for fun i blew out a few ridiculong casts too.  i just couldn't resist.  i didnít land any fish yesterday but i did straight up break 20lb fluorocarbon while trying to hold a big boy from going over the edge a testament to the rods strength.


simply put the bvk is an awesome rod and this (for those not in the know) is coming from a guy who is staunchly against any fly fishing equipment made overseas.  granted iíve only spent two days on the water with it and i havenít tried the other line sizes yet, but from what iíve seen, i would highly recommend this rod to anyone getting into fly fishing, on a budget, or looking to fill in the gaps in their arsenal with an extremely high performance rod.  by far the best rod iíve ever casted in this price range and iíve casted a lot.  i have always said that if you blind folded me and let me cast any lower price point rod and a higher end rod i would be able to tell the difference but i gotta say with the bvk... i donít know.  it really is that good.



greg "pops" honbo has been incognitus for a while busy with the mister and his new job.  he did find time to get out on the bay and checked in with this monster tako (octopus).  eh greg, where's my poki?


since the last blog we've have had some rough weather...


and some nice weather.


very ambitious little critter, this guys gonna grow up to be a biter.


meanwhile nwff guide e.t. has been out and about showin' folks how it's done.


the tfo bvk is a serious rod and it takes a serious rod for serious... good times.



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