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as advertised fishing around here has picked up for bones on the flats around the island.  went out to hi kai on wednesday for a ďtemperature checkĒ  fished the g. loomis 7wt. roaring river switch with an airflo 450 scandi compact (now, my favorite hi kai set up along with my meiser 11í6Ē 567 switch with a 480 airflo compact scandi).  i used an orange hi style clouser like fly,  which is actually more like a charlie with a long wing (for the peeps out there who believe in that sort of voodoo).  e.t. was out there guiding a couple, patrick and kate, from oregon (which, in my limited world, is the greatest place on earth).  there were lots of fish around.  e.t. got kate a decent bone and we were all stoked.  i got one myself before the tide bottomed out and the couple called it a day.  i was not quite ready to make the long journey home so i cruised with the peeps for a bit and went back out for a couple of hours.  i ended up catching four more bonefish and a weke (goatfish).  not a bad days work and signs that the fishing is moving toward the anticipated ridicu-bite of summer.  as i drove the long drive home, i felt a strange emptiness as i realized that i had cheated myself and disrespected the bonefish by catching them blind casting.  deep down i knew those fish didnít count.  i drove home a lesser fly fisherman... with a big satisfied smile on my face (if you donít get that, donít worry itís just stupid stuff).  the biteís on all so get out there and have some fun.  iíll see you on the water!


patrick holds on to kate so she doesn't go the way of the bonefish.


a nice couple with a nice fish... hope you guys visit us again soon.


me and my buddy.


the ghost of hawaiian waters.


the weke has been making his appearance quite frequently for me these days.


it's all about having fun boys and girls.  this guy sure looks like he's having some.  good times.




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