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sometimes it’s good to start off a blog with a little 4 non blondes “what’s up”.  lately, the bones around these here parts have been sporadic at best.  everyday is different and like so many other things in life, it seems you just gotta be at the right place at the right time or it just ain’t gonna happen ya know.  some big fish came up this week which was nice to see but there has also been many reports from pounders and guides alike of what my girl natalia (doing her thang up in alaska...hey girl wassup) would now refer to as “natting”.  the days of being able to predict (within a certain margin of error of course) what’s going to happen and where has, for whatever reason, disappeared for quite a while now.  it’s starting to make me wonder if this is just how the “new” hawaii bone fishery is going to be.  perhaps it is the funky weather we’ve been experiencing really since last summer, or the increase in fishing pressure, or just the cumulative effect of that many more years of urban oahu impacts.  it’s probably a combination of many factors.  the big question that is starting to rattle around in my little noggin now is, “is this just a glitch in the fabric of hawaii bonefish history or is this how it’s going to be from now on?”  i’m not one to over think things, especially when it comes to fishing, but having fished here for thirty four years now and fly fishing bones around here for eighteen of those years, i gotta say my spidey sense is tingling.  the best advice i can give to the bone hunters out there right now is just go out and play the hand you’re dealt.  i fished around the island this week and it doesn’t appear that, time of day, tide, location, or weather were major factors in the amount (or lack) of fish coming up.  that’s pretty much all i have to say about that for now.


the lake on the other hand has remained pretty true to form.  the morning bite remains strong (so i’ve heard).  i got out with my buddy dean yesterday at about ten o’clock and i think we witnessed the absolute last bust of the morning bite.  the fishing was slow during the midday lull, as expected,  but picked up in the afternoon, also as expected.  the evening busting never really happened which seems to be the pattern these days.  the only x factor about the lake seems to be how high (or low) the water is going to be the next time you show up at the ramp.


so that’s the report for now.  i’ll end with this for those out there on the quest to figure it all out.  you never will... but that’s a good thing.  if we knew everything about where, when, and how to catch fish, what fun would that be?  sometimes it’s good to be able to just “scream from the top of my lungs what’s going on!”


sean checked in with a couple of bay bones including a fatty.


the next day doug got this pig "day saver" that i think is the same fish that sean caught (that's my story and i'm sticking to it).  i didn't see any fish that day and doug saw only a few more than that.



kirk went old skool penn to get this nice omilu (bluefin trevally)...


later he showed us that he can also do it hi fly style with this whitey.



the day on the lake started off slow until dean finally "got the stink off" with this bleug (bluegill).


the devils were around but tough to get.  i think their minds were too much on sex.  i stayed on them and managed to get this slightly moldy guy to open his mouth.


the tucs turned on a little in the afternoon.  nothing big but all "eaters" which i prefer to spawners.


i let dean "try" my g loomis nrx 5wt. and i never got it back.


it's okay though because in my book, it's not a good day unless all rods get bit.  yesterday we had six rods on board.




dean was "johnny on the spot" and caught this solo busting bass.  one of the few that came up in the evening but a great way to end the day.


i played around with the sage tcx switches more this week and was lucky to get this little nugget on one of the roughest, nastiest days of the week.  but that's the way i roll, just playing the hands i'm dealt and always enjoying... good times.



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