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not exactly fly fishing in hawaii:

tippy and the golden.


went out with greg “pops”, e.t., and todd “tippy” yesterday for a relaxing, horse around, day on kbay.  todd hadn’t been out with us on the bay before so we all wanted to get him some action.  we drifted around the reefs just looking for fish.  we had an ultra light spinner rigged up with six pound test and greg’s tfo deer creek 8wt switch rod with an airflo 540 grain scandi compact.  both the jig used on the ultra light and the fly on the switch rod were originals off the vise of “pops” himself.


we did drift after drift just scanning the water without seeing much.  we were just chillin' and shooting the sh_t when i heard greg calmly say, “there’s two bones.”


i glanced in the direction greg was looking and picked out the two fish in the distance.  as they got nearer i realized that they weren’t bones at all.


”it’s pa’opa’o, it’s pa’opa’o!” (golden trevally) we all yelled almost simultaneously.


”cast the jig!”


the jig landed with a plop and i watched as one of the two fish turned and headed toward the offering.


”it’s on it, it’s following!”


as i said that i lost the fish in the glare.  just as soon as i lost the fish, i spotted the jig coming out of the glare and in that same instant i saw the fish roll on it and engulf the jig... way cool!  tippy was on!


greg instinctively started up the motor and expertly positioned the boat so that todd could keep the fish away from the numerous coral heads.  the fish dug in and dogged and todd couldn’t turn it’s head with the super light rod.  i remember telling todd to just stick with him.  so todd kept the pressure on as the fish fought...


...and fought.


...and fought.


it appeared it was going to be a stale mate the fish just kept dogging.  every once in a while it would surge toward a coral head.  this went on for a while (i don’t know exactly how long but i was able to take forty six pictures of just todd fighting the fish).


all of a sudden the fish just popped up at the surface and e.t. put a net on it.  it was bigger than any of us thought it was!  sweet.


an awesome job by “pops” and “tippy”!


high fives all around. an epic battle and an epic fish.




no one really wanted to kill such an awesome creature, so we released it for good karma all around.


we caught a couple of small bones and greg caught this yellow spot papio.


just another great day rolling on the “homewaters” with the nwff crew and as always... good times.



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