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fly fishing and funfishing hawaii:

peacock fun for everyone.


don't have much time to blog as i gotta get back to some pretty important lying around and college football watching.  went out yesterday with the kirsta and whitney to the lake.  kirk and i have spent many days on the lake figuring things out and trying new things.  "serious" fishing one might say, although i don't know if  such a thing even exists with me.  yesterday it was all about getting whitney bit and just having a ridiuculously good time... and turns out it was pretty crazy.  we got a ton of good sized schooling tucs on the fly, spinning gear, and even handpoles, and if us low tech guys can figure it out, the video of some of our crazy on the water antics will be available soon.  the water has dropped a bit more but there's still water in that mudhole and if yesterday is any indication there's quite a few nice fish as well.


whitney got things started off with this little schoolie on the fly.



the kirsta and whitney with a little bigger one.




then whit gets a still bigger one!



the devil made a small appearance...



but it was the peacock's day to get pounded.



the kirksta got his licks in...




we growled and yelled back at the savage two fisters.


and smiled with satisfaction at others.



even got a little largemouth.



but the tucs were on...




kind of like... well donkey kong!




throughout the day the bite was mmm mmm gooood!



we doubled up a few times (of course the gentleman that i am, i let whitney catch the bigger fish).



and boy did she do just that.



even the bigger peacocks were no match for the wonderpole.


but all good things must come to an end. whitney was down to her last bait.  i told her this is how all great fishing tales start.


"it was the last bait."


and wouldn't you know it...




the cat reared it's ugly head!  i'm totally not kidding, that's exactly how it went down.  i can't help but think that cat was tom, just smiling down on us and his lake.  just saying hey.  i'm really gonna miss that guy.  good times.







bonefishing hawaii:

more bones with the boyz.


made the perilous traffic filled trek to hi kai yesterday to meet up with e.t. and doug lum.  the original plan was to go see what was up at ke’ehi but after waking up to a completely clouded over and rainy sky, we decided to put the ke’ehi check out trip on hold and just fish hi kai.  not knowing what was in store with the weather, i put away the single hand rod and took out a beulah 10’ 6” 6/7 switch rod.  i haven’t used this rod in a while, but i do like it for those “what do i want to do” days where i’m on the fence about whether i want to sight fish or blind cast.  this particular switch rod matched with the beulah elixir 335 grain integrated line is probably one of the most versitile set ups for the stuff we do around here, although i have yet to try one of meiser's 909 switches.  the beulah 6/7 switch is light and delicate enough to make any sight fishing shot encountered around here and is capable chucking  a bonefish fly a hundred feet with ease either single hand, single hand spey, double hand spey (well switch to be exact, we don’t change direction all that much out here), or double hand overhead.  it does seem to perform a bit better on the single hand side.  that’s probably because i’m a much better single hand caster than double hand, though i’m trying very hard to even that up.


anyway as it turned out the sun never really got going until the tide got high and the water became off colored so in short i was pretty happy that i left the single hand rod at home.  despite the morning rain we did manage to get into enough bones to satisfy the jones... at least until the next time. 



switched up this guy with an orange bombing pepper.



a mouth full of tan charlie!


this little guy had the munchies for the meanstreak fly.


doug says, "streak's still on... streak's still on!".


summer may be over, but summer fishing continues (i should say this summer fishing)... good times.







bonefishing hawaii:

bonefish updates.


just a couple of fast thangs to report for those who care to know.  sean went on a little solo mission to kbay on monday.  he checked in with a couple of fish including a nice kbay niner.  as most of you know, the boy is a bit of a workaholic (unlike others involved in the whole shady nervous water operation who, once again, shall remain nameless).  the ny giants won on sunday and he got that nice fatty to boot... always like to hear about the boy having some good times.  i’ll try to wrestle sean into posting the fly he used, but being that he used to be a wrestler, i can’t promise anything... stay tuned.


yesterday i did my once a month or so trek out to hi kai.  while driving out there doug lum called so i met up with him for the short, till dark, bombarama session.  we fished an area that i haven’t fished in maybe five years (maybe more) as i tend to try to avoid the “popular” spots.  i was a little sketch about it because it’s not exactly the kind of water that i personally would call prime bombing grounds.  i ended up going anyway, mostly because i hadn’t been out there in a long time.  it turned out to be pretty good.  we got into a school of cookie cutter rats.  we caught a bunch of them and lost a couple of potentially larger fish (the world will never know).  of course doug, being in the middle of a hot summer streak, hooked twice as many fish as i did (sometimes like that).  for you seekers of the holy grail, it was actually the red eye on doug’s fly (sorry doug, did i let out the secret?) that allowed him to double up on me.  i should have changed my fly maybe... maybe not.


seriously though (now you know i’m lying), the weather is holding up and there are fish around... and look!  a weekend approaches!  whatcha gonna do about that?



sean takes on (solo) a kbay niner, a mangrove, and a camera timer...


and gets the hero shot!


dougies streak is en fuego.


as for me i just try do whatever it takes to keep up with bone studs like doug and sean.  all the while maintaining a healthy dose of good times.







fly fishing hawaii:

the lake with jim.


went up to wahiawa yesterday with my long time friend jim romig.  jim and i have spent many hours on the water together over the years but, until yesterday, we haven’t been out for quite a while.  so i was happy when he called and said, "clay, let's go fishing."


always in good spirits, jim is one of the nicest guys i know so i was excited to get out on the water with him and into some lake action.


i rolled up to the ramp around eight thirty and the parking lot was empty.


”that’s not a good sign,” i thought.


i know the efficiency of the “coconut wireless” especially up at lake wilson.  for those not in the know the “coconut wireless” is the word of mouth passing of news here in hawaii (you wanna talk about high speed communications).  an empty lot on a weekend at the lake is usually not a good sign that the fishing’s going off the chart.  oh well, as i always say, you'll never know unless you go.


we got out on the water went to work.  we fished a few stretches with nothing.  i knew that the peacocks are starting to school and that we just had to get on them and (the hard part) they had to be on.  as happens frequently on the lake nothing, nothing, nothing, bam.  i saw jim’s 6wt. sage z-axis bend over... a nice red devil.  the first fish of the day.  good, we got the stink off.  as soon as our flies were back in the water i saw a tuc race out of nowhere and hit my fly, but i just missed it. in that same instant jim was on.  he landed that fish and i told him to get his fly back in there.  we were on the schoolies and the schoolies were on.  there were the usual half pound to one pound fish as well as some of the bigger two poundish fall schooling fish.  we fished mostly in the woods but i noticed that there were lots of fish off the bank in the deeper water.  through out the day there were also small incidents of fish busting the surface but not enough to really target.  i fished a sink tip line but jim fished a floating line and did fine with a weighted fly.  the two of us fished, joked around, caught up with what was going on with each other, and reminisced about adventures we’ve experienced together in the past.  it turned out to be an absolute great day on the lake.  the fishing was good but the company was even better and that my friends is what fly fishing is really all about.



the water levels gone down another foot or two since the last time i was out on sept. 3.  still easy to launch but that ramp's getting awful long.



after a bunch of nothing, jim got bit by this devil.



then he caught this peacock.


then another...


and another.



i caught enough to satisfy my jones.  it was good to see the fall schoolies coming along nicely.



we spent some time just sight fishing red devils.


then ended the day with more schooling peacocks.


<how does that saying go?  it's better to be good than lucky or something like that.  it's all to complex to figure out now, i'm just going to hang with your daughter... good times.







fly fishing hawaii:

this weeks salt.


took advantage of the beachy weather this week and fished the salt a couple of days.  i sight fished my trusty duo the sage 890-4 tcx and abel super 7 on wednesday.  the fishing that day was pretty tough.  decent sun but just not that much fish around and the few i saw just weren’t into it.  what can i say except sometimes like that.  i did manage to sight up an omilu (bluefin trevally) on a little brown dubbed crab fly that i whipped up out of my head earlier that morning.  i like to<  fish new flies everytime out, it adds a little extra fun, excitement, and motivation for me to get out and pound.


undaunted by the tough fishing on wednesday, and not wanting to drive out to hi kai, went out again to ke’ehi on friday with e.t. and doug lum.  this time i took out the sage 7126-4 tcx (the deathstar) with an abel 3 (actually my first abel ever that i got years ago from chris over at the caddis fly shop).  add to that the  480 or 510 airflo scandi compact and what you have is a serious little two handed bombarama.  the low tide started off slow and we got pounded by a little weather.  when the front moved out and the tide began to push the fish started showing up.  we fished the push for about an hour, caught some bones and were out of there by two thirty.  just in time to miss the traffic... perfect.  except for that mini storm system that moved through on friday, the weather has finally become on par with normal summer conditions.  next in line is the fall but when that’s going to happen is anyones guess.  so never mind what it’s supposed to be like or has been, it’s on par gorgeous hawaii weather right now so get on it before it’s gone.  there’s fish out there just waiting to put a bend in your rod and a smile on your face.



fresh from the skunkworks out in palolo valley.  a pile of deano's boggle bitters.



what in the sea doesn't eat crabs.  this guy has my crab fly and diamond head in his mouth.



nwff guide e.t. knows a thing or two about bonefishng in hawaii.



dougies been on a hot little summer streak of his own.



the orange charlie... always a good choice.



the deathstar.  patrolling the far reaches of the galaxy in search of good times.








fly fishing hawaii:

better nate than lever.


here's a blog from friday sept. 3rd.  had some shall we say "compuproblems".  anyway here's how the blog went down if anyone still cares.


went up to the lake yesterday (last week thursday) on a little “see what’s what” reconnaissance mission. joining me was our shimano/loomis rep, garret.  the water level is still going down but has quite a bit more to go before hitting sketchy boat launching levels.  the fishing was good.  the baby bass run has subsided considerably and red devils are a little tough to get on, but the peacocks are still out in force.  the spawning seems to wrapping up.  we found a number still on nests but not nearly as many as in previous weeks.    we also found a few pairs of tucs guarding fry another sign that perhaps the spawn may be concluding.  lots of schooling peacocks including some of decent size.  not much busting although we did see some which is always a good sign of things to come.  they may have busted more in the morning or the evening but we didn’t fish that.  the morning bite was too early and the UH game was on in the evening. so we just pounded through the mid day lull.  we caught a couple of peacocks on top but for the most part had to go deep to get where they were hanging.


as far as the title goes (for those not in the know), it's from some stupid joke about a snake that everyone liked named nate and some kind of lever on the side of the road that if pulled would end the world or something.  anyway there's some guy driving down the road that loses control of his truck and has to decide between running over the snake or hitting the lever.  well he decides to run over the snake because... we'll you know.


that (sadly) is pretty much the jist of it for now, see you on the water.


fatty mr. bleug.


the water level as reported by the bridge.


garret jigged up this peacock with shimano's latest and greatest.  there are still a bunch of peacocks sporting their summer colors.


little schoolie "eater".


other peacocks are starting to school and show their fall colors.  i apologize for the lateness of this blog but what can i say, sometimes like that.  go ducks and, as always, good times.



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