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bonefishing hawaii:

friday fishin'.


only fished once this past week.  between the shop on monday, barbecue on wednesday, tying flies and dealing with some of life's other inconveniences in between, i found myself jonesing to fish bad by thursday night.  the tides were not that great this past week.  hardly any movement.  daytime high tides were at just around a half foot.  one of those tides where it is low and just gets lower... but i just had to fish.  besides i kind of remember a wise old bonefish guru saying some bullsh_t  like "youíll never know unless you go" and "the best time to go is whenever you can".  some stupid sayings like that.  so away we went.


as i usually do when planning my day, i started out with what gear i wanted to fish. unlike most out there, i don't give a lot of thought anymore to when or where i think i have the best chance of catching fish.  instead, for me, it always begins with what gear i feel like fishing.  i then choose the area, under the conditions at the time, that the gear i want to use is most suited for.  then i go give it a huck and see what happens.  i just enjoy the fishing and i rather fish the right gear in the right situations and not catch fish than fish less than ideal gear for the situation and catch.  to me, itís just so much more pleasurable that way especially when it comes to fly fishing.  the way i see it no matter what you do, you are going to have days that you catch and not catch fish especially here in the hard pounded "kill everything" waters of hawaii.  if you truely enjoy the fishing part and just do what is fun for you to do out on the water, then everyday out there is fantastic.  some days youíll hook fish and others you wonít.  i think youíd be surprised how adopting this philosophy actually results in more days with fish caught than not.


anyway, as it turns out,  i was missing casting that sweet fiberglass rod iíve been using recently so i decided to do some sight fishing and wouldnít you know it...  iíll see you on the water.


the day started off slower than slow. then all of a sudden, i think we hit the mythical bite before the storm.


some rats began showing me the love.



then some bigger bonefish got in on the bite.


i was pretty much done for the day, but doug still hadn't hooked a fish.  he told me to give him one more hour.  apparently the boy works well under pressure as he hooked two "day savers" during the final countdown.  i guess that's how the good (or lucky) roll.


03/02/12 video


now that i'm fishing the abel switch, it's tough to take videos because with a click pawl reel and bonefish, both hands have to be ready at all times or things can turn ugly fast.


it's all about doing what it takes to have fun everytime out...  a sure path to good fishing, good catching, and good times.



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