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brown water advisory.


so since the last blog all hell broke loose here in hawaii as some big time storm fronts descended on our little island.  we got pounded by heavy rains, flooding, a waterspout or two, air to ground lightning strikes (somewhat rare in hawaii), and even some hail (very rare in hawaii).  flash flood warnings were up just about all week and with it came the dreaded brown water advisory.  when it rains hard here the shoreline waters get filled with all of the runoff from the very environmentally unconscious urban mess we call honolulu.  the sediment, trash, sewage (both treated and untreated) along with who knows what gets flushed into the city's toilet some of us know as the ocean.  not good times.  i donít particularly like going into this kind of water to fish.  iíve fished in storm runoff water before and every time iíve done it i swore that i would never do it again.  the water quality doesnít affect the fishing too much, itís just not that pleasant to be out there and not recommended for obvious health reasons.


by the end of the week, though, i just had to give it a go (the hawaiians call this urge niele).  i found myself back in the stink along with a couple of guides (i feel bad for their clients).  i felt that strange itching that i am not entirely sure is real or just in my head.  fortunately this past weeks storm was accompanied by some strong winds that kept it from completely feeling like fishing in a  stagnant sewer.  i gave the fiberglass rod a break and went with the 890-4 sage one.  no real reason for that choice just havenít used that rod in a while.  hung the abel switch on it and used the 8wt. airflo ridge bonefish/redfish line.  there were fish around and i hooked one while the tide was still low and there was some visibility in the water.  the tide rolled in like a banshee and the wind picked up to 20mph with much higher gusts making the whole area look like a sea of chocolate milk.  i lost every fish i hooked after that and was reminded of how important seeing the reef is when fighting hard running fish like bonefish.  not being able to see anything but brown water, it was hard to know when to apply pressure and when to back off something that is critical when fighting fish where reef is involved.  the first one wrecked me over the edge of the flat and left me with a trashed leader.  after that i put the wood to them and lost a couple others by applying too much pressure and pulling out the hook (which to me is better than getting wrecked).  it wasnít what i would call a great day out there, but i guess itís the kind of thing that some of us (who are not all there) just have to do.  at the end of the day i got out of the water, went home, took a nice hot (and sanitizing) shower and watched the oregon basketball team lose by a point to colorado.  oh well, sometimes like that.  thereís always next time.  iíll see you on the (hopefully clean) water.



brown bone vid.


brown water bonefish... kind of sketchy but i guess still a part of good times.



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