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Our journey back to Christmas Island began on July 27.

We were shocked to see a new sign at the airport.

As in previous years, we stayed at the Villages- our favorite lodge on the island.

We were greeted in the local fashion.

And soon were off to find some fish.

Bones are ever present on Christmas, and always lots of fun,

but we mostly concentrated on trevally fishing this time.

There weren't that many GTs outside the lagoon for whatever reason,

so we caught a few tuna,

and chased trevally inside the lagoon instead.

We caught a mantis shrimp for dinner,

And had some live entertainment to go with it.

We were lucky to have mostly nice weather this trip.

We also caught triggerfish and a few other odd fishes,

More trevally,

And our old friend the bonefish.

On our last day of the trip, Brandon got a milkfish to bite at the Huff Dam.

And Doug got the big fish of the trip.

Aloha for now Christmas, we'll be back soon!


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