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Ryan Powell scored a nice bone over the Thanksgiving weekend, Nov 2015.

Cary Pugh and one of two nice fish she caught, Nov 2015.

Kenai guide Jarod Elgarico and another fall fatty, Nov 2015.

Kevin Ritter and a sweet ladyfish, Oct 2015.

Our pal Nao Toyama releasing a fall fatty, Oct 2015.

Steve Banks with a sweet yellowtail he caught off San Diego, Aug 2015.

Dan Geltmacher and a fatty otaru (skipjack tuna) on fly, Aug 2015.

Darryl Furuya and a nice fish he caught on a cloudy day, July 2015.

Masked man Richard Martin and a big bonefish, May 2015.

Tom Luciani graduates bonefish 101, May 2015. 

Francisco Oliva's Cinco de Mayo bone, May 2015. 

Bryan Lum, his guide Beia, and a sweet Christmas Island GT, April 2015. 

A close up of Dan Chapman's first bonefish, April 2015.

Mike Mullins' first bonefish, April 2015.

Kenrou Tsuzuki's first dance with the bonefish, Feb 2015. 

Dan Stockton starts off 2015 the right way, Jan 2015.

Alex Zoni showing us his selfie game, Nov 2014.

Rashidi Arabi traveled here from Malaysia and caught this nice bone, Sept 2014.

Glenn Ueda's first time bonefishing in Hawaii was a big success, Sept 2014.

Masked marvel Ken Oda and a quality fish, Sept 2014.

Canute Dalmasse worked hard to catch this fish, Aug 2014.

Chris Nellos' first bonefish- awesome! Aug, 2014.

Doug Brown hooked up with this fatty, July 2014.

Tad Aragaki and one of several bones he caught in May 2014.

Shinji Hayashi's first bonefish, May 2014. Omedeto!

Bryan Schiavoni caught this GT on Christmas Island, March 2014. Chee Hoo!



Jimmy from Big Island checked in with a few recent catches. March, 2014.

Chatt Wright went to Argentina and caught 30lbs of brown trout, Feb 2014.

Coe Huston hooked up with this sweet GT on Christmas Island, Feb 2014.

Ron Lum checks in with a fat Argentine brown trout, Jan 2014.

Everybody's Top Hooker Chris and a wintertime bone, Jan 2014.

Matt Ito and his first bone on the fly, Dec 2013.

Chris Laird caught this fatty on Christmas Eve 2013.

Alex Zoni with his fall fatty, Nov. 2013.

Ken Oda checks in with this sexy lady, Oct. 2013.

Aaron Clevinger's got a golden ticket, Oct. 2013.

Ashley Kai came back home from the land of Oz and caught this fish, Aug 2013.

Jon Austin caught this big bone, Aug 2013.

Nat from Thailand caught this nice bonefish on his worldwide trip, Aug. 2013.

Chuck O'Neill checked in with a nice striper he hooked up in Maine this summer.

Anthony Poma is stoked to catch this south shore bone, July 2013. 

Nao Toyama's latest bonefish catch, Nov 2012.

Terry Johnson and one of three bones he caught, May 2012

Dean-o just got back from Kuwait and is already putting the hurt on fish, May 2012.

Dan Geltmacher's latest conquest, May 2012.

Ken Oda's big backyard bone, May 2012.

Mike from Nanko's and his lady of the night, May 2012.

Don Gavett caught this fish on a beautiful spring day, March 2012.

Aussie Mark Asplin traveled across the Pacific to catch this fatty bone, March 2012.

Paul Anderson ended his epic fishing odyssey with a day on Oahu, Oct. 2011.

Andrew Coventry battled strong winds to catch this fish, Oct. 2011.

Tim Saunders has been catching nenue with his fly rod and stand up paddle board on Kauai.  Way cool Tim!

Tim visited Oahu to get his bonefishing, Oct. 2011.

Kevin Mulkern didn't even need to cast to catch this fish, Oct. 2011.

Dan Geltmacher's first bone on his new boat, Oct. 2011.

Mario Parker and nice white trevally, Aug. 2011.

Darryl Furuya hooked this fat summertime bone.

Chris Kotlowski caught this bone, July 2011.

Kreangkai Tyree's first big bonefish, June 2011.

Christy Kim's first day bonefishing- no problem! May 2011.

Vito Conforte is stoked to catch his first bonefish, May 2011.

Greg Nosaty got his first Hawaiian bone, May 2011.

Mr. Hilo Hattie, Jim Romig with a monster New Zealand brown.

Our pal Ron Lum caught his first permit this year in Mexico.

Roy Taniguchi and the reward for years of patience, April 2011.

Lud Renner caught his biggest bonefish yet, April 2011.

Tom Heard's latest Honolulu bonefish catch, March 2011.

Jess Slack and a nice bone on a beautiful winter morning, Jan. 2011.

Yasuhiro Kuwayama's first bonefish, Jan. 2011.

Jon Tsukamoto's reward for casting practice, Jan. 2011.

Ted Christianson starts off the new year right, Jan. 2011.

The monster bones of Hawaii.


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