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fly fishing oregon:

o trip 2010... iím back.


just got back from my break from the hi fly scene.  got my two handed fishing on in oregon with some of the hawaii spey bros.  we mainly fished the deschutes and grande ronde but i also fished a bit on the kilchis and the willamette rivers. 


thanks to grant brown, herb burton (from the trinity fly shop), clayton foster, jerry french, amy hazel (from the deschutes angler), lance kaufmann from kaufmanns streamborn, joel la follette (from royal treatment fly fishing), sean niesz (for letting me go), scott oídonell, tim pantzlaff (for making our wicked spey company reels) john sherman (for the sound simms gear advice), deano shirota, harold young, hayley young (for putting up with us all those days), and ben ďthe wombatĒ young (for being able to outcast all of us at fifteen).  these people made this trip one of my all time best.  we learned a ton about two handed casting and fishing, had a great time, and got some steel as a bonus.  i just got back yesterday but i already canít wait to go again.  yeah, i'm pretty hooked on this stuff.  for now, however, itís back to business as usual.  enjoy the pics from the trip and iíll be checkiní in again soon with what allís going on around here as well as more o trip 2010 pics as they come trickling in from others.


o trip 2010.  the cast of characters...


surfa boy craig of the hawaii spey bros. and his twin brother colin from los angeles.


harold young from tigard, oregon and some vagrant the guys picked up on the side of the road.



views from the road:




"land stretchin' out so far and wide."



first day of the trip, first steelhead ever.  there's nothing like the first time. deschutes river oregon.


this trip was all about swinging for steel... no nymphs or thingabobbers were harmed in the making of this blog.


following the "explorer inn" to the town of troy and the grande ronde. 


the promise land. the grande ronde on the washington, oregon, idaho border.


jerry french keeps a close eye on colin as he swings through the run.


"skagitmaster" scott o'donell in his natural habitat.


clayton foster, always excited to get us on fish.



the spey company snake roll summer spey reel.  sweet.


grande ronde bull trout... we all got a number of these vicious critters.


scott o'donell shows off craig's first steelhead.


clayton foster begins another days drift right from the lodge.


each morning we were greeted by some pretty eerie alien looking cows.


harold gets big grande ronde steel.


another very ambitious little bull.



clayton foster, harold young, and a chinook jack.


scott o'donell and yet another nice grande ronde steel.


some kind of mountain sheep.  throughout the trip we were treated to many wildlife sightings, bald eagles, spawning king salmon, blue herons (spey crows), and tons of deer.


on the last day on the grande ronde, jerry french was cool enough give us an intruder tying demo.


intruder alert... intruder alert!


after the grande ronde craig and colin had to bail.  harold and i took what we learned from the skagitmasters back to the deschutes river and...


it worked!


another deschutes summer run steelhead for clay.


we tried to fish the kilchis and the trask for chum and chinook salmon.  we didn't get any but i did fall into the kilchis and floated down river about twenty yards before i was able to get out.  i haven't fallen in a river in a long time... not recommended.



this cow wanted to be on the blog so badly it blocked the road to the water and wouldn't let us pass.


for better or worse this is where the lives of many steelhead and salmon begin.



then it was back to the deschutes.


one more grab and miss on the willamette and it was time to return to the hi.  this trip was for me all about learning and getting better with two hand rods.  as the lifelong quest for fly fishing perfection goes on, great guides and great friends along the way make sure the journey filled with... good times.




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