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bonefishing in hawaii:

a day at hickam and k flies in the shop.


to make a long story short, e.t. and i got bailed on by the nwff crew.  so we somehow found ourselves fishing at hickam with nwff customer ken beecroft.  the conditions and the light were good for sight fishing and we got a few bones.  i think e.t. hooked five and i managed to hook three using my g loomis 7wt. roaring river switch rod (not the best tool for sight fishing bones, but you gotta do what you gotta do).  the best part of the day was when i found a mullet bobbing on the flat.  the fish was still alive but something had taken its tail off.  maybe a shark, giant trevally, barracuda or giant needlefish.  how exciting!  i held the fish and  marveled at how cruel and awesome nature is before i remembered how stink mullet is.  anyway you donít see that everyday so it was pretty cool.


in other news, the shop just received a box of limited edition flies tied by kevin faucheux himself.  for those not in the know, kevin is one of the first real pioneers of fly fishing bonefish in hawaii as we know it.  in addition to the immense contributions that he has made to our knowledge of bonefishing in hawaii, he also brought his east coast striped bass style of tying here influencing many of the best local fly tyers.  some of my flies have elements of the types of flies that the k used to chuck around here.  kevin is the artist behind the often commented on artwork in the shop (including the infamous eat it you f_cker watercolor).  absolutely one of the coolest, most unique guys i have ever known.  since he moved to louisiana and started up his new business green heron woodworks, we have not had his flies in the shop... until now.  so check them out before they are all snapped up by those who know him.


found this unfortunate guy bobbin around on the flat at hickam.


mortal flesh wound.


bonefish flies from one of the best to ever walk the reefs of hawaii with a fly rod.


kev's streamer style can be seen in many of the flies used in hawaii for trevally as well as trolling offshore and whipping inshore.


and that's all i have to say about that... good times.







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