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fly fishing hawaii:

bonefish quickie.


getting close to the time to make my annual migration upstream to the great northwest so i’ve been super busy squaring away work stuff while trying to get ready for the trek.  i also somehow managed to catch a cold this week making every task that much more taxing on the old bones.  i did get in an afternoon of two handed bombing with a couple of my oregon friends my spey bro benny and casey boy.  i was a bit under the weather when we went out but like i always say, if you are well enough to work, you are well enough to fish. besides, the bonefish bite has been on and i wanted to give it a first hand heat check as well as get benny and casey into some fish while they were here.  we fished tfo rods on this outing.  casey boy fished the bvk 9' 8wt. single hand rod and benny and i fished the deercreek 12’6” 5/6 and 13’ 6/7 two handed rods.  i wanted benny to try the tfo deercreek rods as he is a much better two handed caster than i am and i wanted his opinion as i thought these rods were great (see clay's blog 12/02/12 and 12/09/12).  benny, who usually uses high end anderson, burkheimer, and sage rods, agreed that the tfo deercreeks casted great.  especially for $360.


the tide was still a bit high when we got out but it was falling so we charged into the deep and started the bombarama.  i quickly hooked a fish and released it.  i called benny over and gave him the water i was fishing and he hooked one also.  then it was casey’s turn.   that turned out to be a bit more of a challenge as for whatever reason casey couldn’t get bit.  he casted very well (thanks to his dad harold) and covered the water but it just wasn’t happening.  i asked him if he wanted to try a different area but he said that he liked where he was fishing and kept pounding.  benny and i went to fish a different area.  when we got a good distance away from casey we turned around and saw casey’s rod bent over.   he was bit.  we, along with a couple of surfers paddling in, watched casey fight the fish, land it, and release it.  he was too far away to get a picture but no matter.  i always say that it is not a good day until all rods get bit.  with the “good day” secured we went on to conk a bunch of fish before calling it a day.  the boys were stoked as they said they weren’t expecting to catch anything.  i was happy to take a break out on the water and to see that the summer bite was still going strong.  i’m not sure if i’ll be able to get out this week but if i am able to sneak away, i’ll see you on the water.


sometimes the tide is high and you gotta wade helms deep.


bombed up quite a few bones of all sizes with the tfo deercreeks.


spey boy benny and a two handed rat.


  the bite is still on but my primal urges are telling me it is getting time to head up to the northwest in search of steel and, of course, good times.



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